Levels Of Frustration

I’ve been on both sides of this guide.

  • Level 10: Coach looks like he’s sleeping. Your attacks aren’t even close.
  • Level 9: Coach moves his hands. He knows what you are thinking. This is still going to end badly.
  • Level 8: Coach actually defends a submission attempt. You apparently have some idea of what you are doing. But not that much.
  • Level 7: Coach sweeps you. He either wants to look at the clock right side up, or he’s concerned you might flail and give him a black eye.
  • Level 6: Coach submits you after twenty seconds. It’s either competition training day, or you nearly injured him. Spaz.
  • Level 5: Coach shrimps. You almost did something good.
  • Level 4: Coach grips you. You either did something good, or coach is bored.
  • Level 3: Coach is submitted by you. Was it legit? You can never tell.
  • Level 2: Coach submits you after five minutes. Coach is having fun. You might be getting tested but you aren’t sure.
  • Level 1: Coach promotes you. This is all you, kid. Good job.

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