First T-Shirt

I have wanted to make my own custom t-shirts for longer than I’ve been making this site.  I’ve finally put together everything I need to do everything myself.

For the last couple years I’ve made the occasional shirt designs and filing them away.  Paying $20 or $30 to have someone make me a one-off t-shirt never seemed all that attractive, so I’ve accumulated tools and materials for making t-shirts.  Now that I have a vinyl cutter, heat press, screen printing equipment, and excellent software, I plan to make all the custom t-shirts I feel like.  To test everything out, I took an old t-shirt that had the original screen printing wear off and I cut heat press vinyl to put on the shirt.


You can see the original faded screen print logo from kauai in the second shot, but other than that I’m pleased with how good, and how simple this all is.

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