Class Video Update

Note on class videos:

From the end of summer up until now has been really busy for me.  I’m still doing the videos and I have a stack of them sitting on youtube waiting to be published.  I’ll be doing the writeups in a little more abbreviated fashion than usual in order to clear my spindle and get ready for the next 20ish week fundamentals cycle.

As I start on the next cycle, I may be reusing the detailed writeup from previous classes that are similar, and then note the differences.  I’ve also got more conventional technique videos in the works, but my time is quite limited, so for now I’m just going to get back to caught up, then figure out how I’m going to proceed from here.  I’ll still post entire class videos online, but classes like ezekiels will tend to refer back to older classes for detailed writeups.

Thanks to everyone who has bothered to watch the videos and read the content.  If you’ve found anything helpful, let other people know.

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