Sometimes We Just Suck

I recently went on vacation, and like most of my vacations, I took a gi with me so I could get some training in. I was going on a backpacking trip in Alaska and I was able to attend a noon class at Gracie Barra Alaska both before and after my trip out of Anchorage. […]

What I Like About You

When I look at you, all I see is muscle, bone, and brain. I don’t see gender, I don’t see race, I don’t see your morals, vices, or sins. You have strengths to maximize and weaknesses to minimize. If you practice jiu-jitsu, you are awesome to me. If you want to learn from me, I’ll […]

Submitted Over Submitting

It’s possible to learn more by being submitted than by being the submitter. This may seem counter-intuitive to fundamentals students, since so much time is spent learning how to submit people and it is the final goal of jiu-jitsu. It’s natural to assume that repping out submissions against resisting opponents is the best way to […]

How To Get A Brown Belt. The Right Way.

Last September, I had a laundry mishap, and turned my purple belt into a brown belt. I’m pleased to announce my purple belt has been retired, and I’ve earned a real brown belt. I think my black belt, Jordan Damon, has been watching too many creative promotion videos on Youtube. He maintained a facade of […]

Context Matters

There’s been a lot of talk lately about sport jiu-jitsu and self defense jiu-jitsu. It’s easy to find an opinion that tells you what you want to hear. Some will tell you a good sport jiu-jitsu student is good enough for any normal street altercation. Others say that your jiu-jitsu isn’t complete without self defense […]

The Jiu-Jitsu Wedding

Jiu-Jitsu makes everything better, so why not combine it with a wedding ceremony? Last week I was asked to officiate a marriage between two blue belts who fell in love at the academy. I was also given free license to run the ceremony however I wanted. This proved to be an irresistible concept, so with […]

Build Skills, Not Belts

There’s always students in the academy that you look at and wonder if they deserve their jiu-jitsu rank. There’s others that you wonder why they haven’t been promoted. Stop wondering. It’s not healthy or productive. As the highest ranked student in my academy, as well as the fundamentals instructor, I’d like to give you reasons […]

A Week With Henry Akins

I’ve done plenty of seminars and have studied many different resources for my jiu-jitsu. Nothing has resonated with me like the last week of training with Henry Akins. I’m writing this from Costa Rica, where the Sub and Surf camp is held. The format is fun in Costa Rica during the day, and serious three […]

I’ll Fight Anybody

I recently stepped out of my comfort zone yet again, and entered a pankration tournament in Boston.  The organizers describe it as “MMA-Lite” because there is no striking or kicking to the head, and you aren’t supposed to be doing any damage.  In other words, it is like MMA sparring for points. From my first […]

Evolving Jiu-Jitsu

Sometimes I get distracted when rolling.  I know that I’m supposed to be controlling people and submitting them, but there’s often too many interesting things happening and it’s easy to get sidetracked.  I’ve always known at a base level that I need to be working towards control and submission rather than exploring off on a […]