Class 2014-05-21: Side Control Escape and Transition

If an attack from side control isn’t happening, it means that the person on offense should be considering transitioning to a better position for more attack opportunities, or the person on defense should be using the successful defensive position to launch their escape. 

Class 2014-04-30: Triangle Escapes

Triangles have a way of surprising you.  You think you’re going to set up a pass, and all of a sudden you realize your opponent swung his leg over your arm and you are in the middle of a triangle attack.  Good habits and recognizing what stage of the attack you are in are the […]

Class 2014-04-28: Armbar Escapes

It’s a little known fact that 64.5% of white belts get submitted by the armbar 52.8% more than any other submission. 91.3% of the reason is they posture up.  There’s no reason to play the mostly made up odds.  Learn how to escape like a champ. 

Class 2014-03-03: Back Mount Defense

Having someone on your back pretty much defines failure in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  In competition, you’ve probably given up a lot of points by this time.  In sparring, you’ve miscalculated and are now in the worst possible position.  Is this the time to explode and violently escape?  No.  Now is the time to make sure […]