Class 2014-06-02: Knee on Belly Control and Defense

Perhaps the best way a fundamentals student should look at the Knee on Belly (KoB) position is as an attack position.  While you can maintain the position for a short period of time, you don’t need long to determine if you have a valid attack or you should be transitioning.  In competition, you need to […]

Class 2014-05-21: Side Control Escape and Transition

If an attack from side control isn’t happening, it means that the person on offense should be considering transitioning to a better position for more attack opportunities, or the person on defense should be using the successful defensive position to launch their escape. 

Class 2014-05-19: Side Control Maintenance and Defense

I’ve never met a white belt that didn’t like side control on top, or dread side control on the bottom.  It’s a stable position, easy to attack from, and difficult to escape when your opponent is intent on holding you there.  I was one of those white belts until I went to a Phil Migliarese […]

Class 2014-05-12: Closed Guard Control and Defense

The closed guard is a foundational position of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  The simple act of being on your back and putting your opponent between your legs with your ankles crossed gives you a huge number of options for controlling them while their options are severely limited.  It is a position you can use to slow down […]

Class 2014-05-07: Ezekiel Choke

Ah, the Ezekiel choke.  If you are going to submit an upper belt by surprise, this is one of your best options.  It’s quick, sneaky, and highly effective if you aren’t trying to fight for it. 

Class 2014-05-05: Wristlocks

Wristlocks.  Cheap low percentage submissions, or useful tool in the arsenal?  Both.  Although wristlocks are indeed a low percentage submission much of the time, there are situations where they are quick and don’t require you to risk giving up position.  Wristlocks also can be used as a wedge against a defensive opponent, where the wristlock […]

Class 2014-04-30: Triangle Escapes

Triangles have a way of surprising you.  You think you’re going to set up a pass, and all of a sudden you realize your opponent swung his leg over your arm and you are in the middle of a triangle attack.  Good habits and recognizing what stage of the attack you are in are the […]

Class 2014-04-28: Armbar Escapes

It’s a little known fact that 64.5% of white belts get submitted by the armbar 52.8% more than any other submission. 91.3% of the reason is they posture up.  There’s no reason to play the mostly made up odds.  Learn how to escape like a champ.