Ball Rolling

I’ve spent the last couple weeks sparring with only one hand because my left hand is injured. It’s presented a lot of frustration, but it also made me think a lot. It’s also been a while since I made up a game for the adults. Chocolate, meet peanut butter. So, for tonight’s fundamentals class, I […]

Jitsallica – Master of White Belts

Tonight I handed out my first stripe promotion, and it was to my wife. To celebrate, I’ll release another Jitsallica tune. Master of White Belts ———————- End of your mat play, crawling slow away I’m your source of self-improvement Veins that pump with fear, you’re trying is so clear Leading on your lifes’ construction Try […]

Jitsallica – Roll Of The Beholder

Here’s another hit from …And Armbars For All Roll of the Beholder Do you see what I see? Reaping as offense You rule for your confidence Do you hear what I hear? Wrestlers sprawling down They limit your judo throwing Always snapping down Do you feel what I feel? KOB distress Who decides how you […]

A Year With Henry Akins

I wrote last year about the impact that a week of training with Henry Akins made on me. Since then, I have been to several more of his seminars and I will be doing another week-long session with him in Costa Rica in a few months. Over the last year I have used elements of […]