Class 2014-02-18: Mount Attack Combo – Armbar against Upa

Every attack should be performed with intent to finish, however your opponent is likely to use your attack against you. This is especially true for your mount attacks, where you are in a very dominant position and your opponent’s best chance of escape may be when you start an attack. Although fundamentals students are primarily […]

Smashers Anonymous

Me: Hi, my name is Paul, and I like to smash people at open mat. All: HI PAUL Me: It’s been 17 days since I last smashed someone. All: [applause] Me: I’ve been having a hard time lately. I know I’m not supposed to break my toys, but my sparring partners get all tense and […]

Context Matters

There’s been a lot of talk lately about sport jiu-jitsu and self defense jiu-jitsu. It’s easy to find an opinion that tells you what you want to hear. Some will tell you a good sport jiu-jitsu student is good enough for any normal street altercation. Others say that your jiu-jitsu isn’t complete without self defense […]