Build Skills, Not Belts

There’s always students in the academy that you look at and wonder if they deserve their jiu-jitsu rank. There’s others that you wonder why they haven’t been promoted. Stop wondering. It’s not healthy or productive. As the highest ranked student in my academy, as well as the fundamentals instructor, I’d like to give you reasons […]

Harvester of Armbars

Harvester of Armbars My jits suffocates Escaping all too late Submit, far too late Trapped far beyond my fate I give You take This mat that I forsake Been cheated of my youth You turned this try to lose Straight arms Misery You’ll suffer unto me Harvester of Arm Bars Submit all the bad Harvester […]

A Week With Henry Akins

I’ve done plenty of seminars and have studied many different resources for my jiu-jitsu. Nothing has resonated with me like the last week of training with Henry Akins. I’m writing this from Costa Rica, where the Sub and Surf camp is held. The format is fun in Costa Rica during the day, and serious three […]