I’ll Fight Anybody

I recently stepped out of my comfort zone yet again, and entered a pankration tournament in Boston.  The organizers describe it as “MMA-Lite” because there is no striking or kicking to the head, and you aren’t supposed to be doing any damage.  In other words, it is like MMA sparring for points. From my first […]

Class 2014-07-16: Armbar From Guard

The armbar from guard is a very important submission, but also easy to have trouble with.  This class covers both the offense and defense, and gives some targets to shoot for for positioning. 

Class Video Update

Note on class videos: From the end of summer up until now has been really busy for me.  I’m still doing the videos and I have a stack of them sitting on youtube waiting to be published.  I’ll be doing the writeups in a little more abbreviated fashion than usual in order to clear my […]