Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Somebody finally called me out.  I wasn’t going to do this, but ALS research is a worthwhile thing to support.  I didn’t call out anybody specific, but if you watch this and enjoy it, consider yourself challenged to donate at least $10 to ALS research at  Then, go train some jiu-jitsu and be thankful […]

Class 2014-07-02: Attack Triggers

It appears common of late to include “trigger warnings” when you are about to talk about anything that might cause the reader mental or emotional discomfort.  This here is jiu-jitsu, kids, and we embrace discomfort around here.  Triggers are something we look for and embrace.  Jiu-jitsu triggers don’t come with any warning, and you have […]

BJJ on the Beach

When you see those picturesque scenes with jiu-jitsu mats on a hillside and an ocean in the background, nobody mentions the mats are crazy hot.  Or that the sun is going to burn you and blind you.  Then there’s the sand and grass on the mat and biting insects and seagull crap. But everyone is […]