Class 2014-06-23: Back Mount Transitions (Counters)

You never want to give up back control.  It’s the most dominant position, so there’s no good reason to transition to another less dominant position. . . unless you don’t have any choice.  When your opponent is escaping back control and you know you are going to be incapable of recovering back control, your only […]

Class 2014-06-18: Back Mount Defense and Control

Back Mount Defense It’s a sad sequence of events that landed you here, and now someone is riding your back.  You’re pretty sure they want to choke you unconscious.  Despite your opponent’s clear display of superiority, you still have some good options for establishing a defensive base to use as a launchpad for your escape. 

Attack. Attack, attack, attack, attack.

It was clearly a sign.  Last weekend I was confronted with incontrovertible evidence that attacking is good.  This wasn’t just on one front either; it was a multi-pronged attack on my brain.  It all started with local MMA fights where a couple of guys from the academy were fighting, and ended with a world class […]