Pull Guard or Takedown

There’s a friendly argument in BJJ that often sounds more serious than it is.  When starting a BJJ match, should you start with a takedown, or by pulling guard?  There are a lot of defenses and reasoned arguments on either side, and the justifications often change depending on the skill and goals of the jiu-jitsu […]

Class 2014-06-02: Knee on Belly Control and Defense

Perhaps the best way a fundamentals student should look at the Knee on Belly (KoB) position is as an attack position.  While you can maintain the position for a short period of time, you don’t need long to determine if you have a valid attack or you should be transitioning.  In competition, you need to […]

Class 2014-05-21: Side Control Escape and Transition

If an attack from side control isn’t happening, it means that the person on offense should be considering transitioning to a better position for more attack opportunities, or the person on defense should be using the successful defensive position to launch their escape. 

Class 2014-05-19: Side Control Maintenance and Defense

I’ve never met a white belt that didn’t like side control on top, or dread side control on the bottom.  It’s a stable position, easy to attack from, and difficult to escape when your opponent is intent on holding you there.  I was one of those white belts until I went to a Phil Migliarese […]