Class 2014-04-16: Mount Chokes

Top Mount is a great place to be.  Gravity is on your side, and your opponent can only try to escape.  Why not follow up this positional dominance with a nice choke? 

Class 2014-04-14: Triangle and Omoplata Chaining

Although an advanced game involves a lot of chaining of submissions, there are certain submission chains that work well even for beginners.  This class starts with an attempted triangle that your opponent defends by successfully posturing up. 

Class 2014-04-09: Side Control Attacks, Americana and Armbar

Here’s another class showing the basics of two fundamental side control attacks.  A nice feature of these attacks is when your opponent defends against one, the other is often available, and you can swap back and forth between these attacks until you get one of them sunk in too far for your opponent to escape. 

Competition and Coaching

I had a new jiu-jitsu experience a couple weekends ago.  I walked into a jiu-jitsu competition with anticipation, then at the end of the day I walked out for the first time without a single medal or belt, and I was happy about it. 

Class 2014-04-02: Triangle / Armbar Combo

I had another class planned for this day, but two new brand new students deferred that class.  Put on the spot, I reverted to a class I could pull out of my back pocket and you can never get enough of.  Apparently in my fluster moment I didn’t notice the camera was set to stills […]

Class 2014-03-31: Lightning Round

The Lightning Round I’m going to present this class without much commentary.  The goal is to answer as many questions as possible from the students, and to select certain answers to drill.  It’s like a bunch of mini private lessons.  It’s a favorite class among my long time students and it gives people an opportunity […]

Sympathy for the Instructor

Please allow me to introduce myself I’m a man of talent and skill I’ve been around for a long, long year Stole many a mans neck and will Pleased to meet you Hope you guess my name But what’s puzzling you Is the nature of my game Rolled like a tank Held a purple belt […]

Class 2014-03-24: Knee Slide Passes

This class covers two ways to drive your knee from combat base to pass the guard.  You only have two choices for the direction of your lead knee when doing this style of pass, and one direction will feel more natural than the other.  There are many shared features, like getting an underhook, but there […]