Class 2014-03-19: Elevator Hook Sweep

The elevator hook sweep is a common sweep. . .for beginners.  It’s rare to see this exact sweep executed at  higher levels, but that doesn’t mean that it’s just a low percentage sweep to fill out another checkbox in your training.  The main reason I want to show this sweep is to show how even […]

Class 2014-03-17: Hip Bump, Kimura, Pass/Sweep drill

This class looks at a sweep that works well at all levels, especially when you take into consideration all the natural variations based on it.  It looks like a sweep only a white belt could love, yet this scenario comes up pretty frequently. Much of the hip bump sweep maneuvering is reused for the kimura […]

Class 2014-03-05: Back Mount Attack Theory

After going through a defense series where everyone was being put in progressively worse positions to defend themselves.  This culminated in defending against someone having your back.  Nobody likes that.  So to boost everyone’s self esteem, this class will cover how to think about back attacks.

Class 2014-03-10: Scissor and Pendulum Sweeps

When I was promoted to blue belt and purple belt, I had to deal with a endless stream of lower level guys getting in my guard and attempting to pass.  Although I mixed in some other sweeps, the scissor and pendulum sweeps by far the most common sweeps I use for closed guard sweeps.  As […]

Class 2014-03-03: Back Mount Defense

Having someone on your back pretty much defines failure in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  In competition, you’ve probably given up a lot of points by this time.  In sparring, you’ve miscalculated and are now in the worst possible position.  Is this the time to explode and violently escape?  No.  Now is the time to make sure […]

Class 2014-02-26: Mount Defense

Oddly, many students fear mount less than side control.  I know before I was a blue belt, I often would let someone get mount on me so that I didn’t have to deal with the effort required to escape side control.  It was often easier to escape mount.  This style of thinking is caused by […]

Technique: MegaThrow

Normally I try to keep technique videos limited to simple techniques, but this advanced throw from open guard is a worthwhile addition to your open guard game.  The key is to use your leg strength and pay attention to the weight transfer.  Be aggressive.