Training With Less Skilled Partners

I was having a brief conversation with one of my training partners the other day about training with lower level guys.  He’s got 4 stripes on his white belt, and he’s always ready to roll.  He expressed some disappointment about how he wasn’t getting much out of rolling with the lower level guys; they were […]

Lesson Plan for 2013-12-04: Wristlocks

I looked at my list of lesson plans last night and thought I was out of planned lessons. The good news is there was one lonely item left before I have to sit down and make the next batch of lessons on how to be a killer blue belt. It’s time for the wrist lock […]

Lesson Plan for 2013-12-02: Armbar From Closed Guard

Tonight we are going to be working on the gateway drug of submissions. I’m talking armbars from closed guard. A day one student can do this armbar, and really feel like they are going to be a hardcore martial artist someday. Jiu-jitsu is so much more, but a closed guard armbar can whet your appetite […]