Class 2014-02-17: Defense for Standing

This class starts the series on defense.  I like to describe defense as a temporary solution that becomes a launching pad for advancing your position.  It could be an attack, or an escape, or a transition.  A good defense gives you time to evaluate your situation and make a plan for what to do next. 

Thinking of dating my daughter?

My oldest daughter recently started dating. She thinks I’m being anti-social. Dads, I can make this t-shirt for you.  I’ll even put your daughter’s name on it. “You can date my daughter, but only if your jiu-jitsu is better than mine. good luck, punk.” Update: This is the original that has been copied a bunch […]

Video Time. . .

It’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone and start posting videos of my classes.  I’m testing out the format I’m thinking of using, and I’d like to get feedback from as many students and experts as possible.  I’m not as interested in a critique of my class as much as a […]